Published: Mon, June 11, 2018
Money | By Arnold Ball

The Mission E Has a Real Name

The Mission E Has a Real Name

It's worth noting that the Taycan name only applies to the Mission E sedan and not its Cross Turismo SUV-ish variant.

That, if you haven't been paying attention to EVs, is some direct snark at Tesla.

Taycan translates roughly to "lively young horse", referencing the leaping steed in the Porsche crest.

The maximum range is set at 500 km via NEFZ, and thanks to an 800 volt architecture, the battery can draw enough power from an HPC unit for a 100 km range in only four minutes.

Porsche has confirmed that the Mission E concept, in its production ready avatar, will be christened Taycan. The electric sports auto is expected to go on sale at the end of 2019.

"We are going to take the next big step next year", when Taycan deliveries will begin, Blume said at the Porsche museum near the company's headquarters in Stuttgart, where the brand celebrated the 70th anniversary of its first-ever sports vehicle, the 356 model. Although the Taycan shares a similar silhouette to the Panamera saloon, the Tesla Model S rival will be more compact and cheaper; entry-level versions priced between £60,000 and £70,000 mean it will carry only a small premium over its main rival.

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Now, sit back and watch as the Porsche fanatics debate the new name.

The Taycan is expected to go on sale late next year. The production electric vehicle will begin in 2020. Still, previous suggestions have indicated a starting price in the region of $80-90k.

Porsche said it's planning to spend €6 billion on electromobility by 2022. Today, it has announced that it's doubling that investment.

Charging infrastructure and other "smart mobility" expenses will soak up around 700 million euro, Porsche expects.

The Taycan will be built in Stuttgart next year, and Porsche said it has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in new paint shops, motor factories, and transport.

Webber also announces that the vehicle has "600hp", which equates to 592bhp, confirming speculation that its lithium ion battery pack-powered dual electric motor architecture will rank the Mission E second only to the 911 GT2 RS for power.

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