Published: Mon, June 18, 2018
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Republican Mark Sanford Loses Primary, After Criticizing Trump

Republican Mark Sanford Loses Primary, After Criticizing Trump

A one-time state chairman of President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, Stewart almost won the 2017 Republican nomination for governor, despite being heavily outspent.

And in the 3rd District, philanthropist Susie Lee won the Democratic primary, CNN projects, while Republicans could choose Danny Tarkanian, the son of the legendary UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, who dropped his Senate bid at the urging of Trump. Sanford, who was married, fell in love with an Argentinian woman, Maria Belen Chapur, and went to visit her after telling his staff that he would be "hiking the Appalachian trail".

In North Dakota, Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer easily won the nomination to challenge Democratic Sen.

Then in the tenth, state Sen.

Loudermilk warned that going public with one's disagreements, as Sanford did, is not the most effective approach.

In one ad, Arrington tied the two chief arguments against him - insufficient support for Trump and the scandal - together. In terms of supporting the president, Sanford said the country is not build around loyalty to one person, but the Constitution and the democratic way of life.

"That's ultimately what the race devolved down to, which was, 'Was I Trump enough vs. not, '" Sanford said.

Sanford is a former governor who has never lost an election in eight races in SC, even after he admitted to an affair with a woman in Argentina.

The conservative Sanford has been critical of Trump at times, saying he "fanned the flames" of intolerance and decrying his disregard for facts.

A picture that sums up the G7 summit in Quebec City
Mr Maas said: "It's actually not a real surprise, we have seen this with the climate agreement or the Iran deal". G8 became G7 in 2014 when Russian Federation was excluded over the unlawful annexation of Crimea.

Sanford said Tuesday night that he was "neither for nor against Trump" but maintained that he bases his decisions and comments on his political values.

Mark Sanford nurtured an independent streak, reportedly branding the president's imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs "an experiment with stupidity". Despite having to resign as governor over an affair in 2009, Sanford has won every other election he competed in. Trump, who came out in support of Sanford's opponent Katie Arrington hours before the polls closed, took credit for the results Wednesday.

Congressman Mark Sanford lost his first political race. The liberal environmental lawyer cleared his own primary hurdle on Tuesday, and is hoping a "blue wave" this November will carry him to victory and flip this seat back to the Democrats after almost four decades of "Republican" control.

Sanford's traditionally red district is on Democrats' radar for November because it is wealthy and educated, demographics the left hopes will be turned off by Trump's performance.

McMaster received about 42 percent of the vote. He concluded his term as Governor in 2011, and regained political power in a special election to congress in 2013 before losing this most recent contest. She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes.

In Maine, voters spent Tuesday ranking their candidates in a new voting system called Instant Runoff Voting.

But in Virginia, Democrats are selecting House candidates to run in some of the nation's most competitive races.

"I wouldn't say it made my day, and it's not what anybody would yearn for in the world of politics, but it is what it is", Sanford told a small group of reporters in the Capitol. In races where candidates don't secure more than 50 percent of votes cast, runoff elections of the top two vote-getters will be held June 26.

Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates the general election Solid Republican.

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