Published: Fri, June 01, 2018
Sport | By Joe Gonzales

Replay overturn plays key role in Warriors' Game 1 win

Replay overturn plays key role in Warriors' Game 1 win

Smith butchered a golden chance to give Cleveland an unexpected 1-0 lead over the Golden State Warriors in the best-of-seven series all because he - inexplicably - didn't know the score.

After play resumed, James hit an inside shot and Curry answered with a 3-point play but Cleveland's George Hill made a free throw to pull the Cavs level at 107-107 with 4.7 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. The back-and-forth final seconds ended in a tie to force overtime as J.R. Smith dribbled out the clock after appearing to have forgetten the score. Yet the game's not won by just offensive rebounds. He could not have been more wrong.

James, who finished with 51 points, and his Cavs team-mates urged Smith to turn around and attack the basket, but it was too late as time expired. James couldn't believe his teammate's unforgivable sin, putting his hands on his head and remonstrating with him.

Cleveland forward Kevin Love has completed the NBA's concussion protocols and is in the starting lineup for Game 1 of the NBA Finals against Golden State on Thursday night.

Smith had a different explanation for his actions than what his coach dished up.

According to J.R. Smith, the reason why he didn't bother to pass the ball to James or take final shot is that he thought they were going to call a timeout.

"I don't think a message needs to be said", James said. I thought we were all aware of what was going on.

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"If I thought we were ahead, I would have just held on to the ball and let them foul me", Smith said.

Smith's post-game comments are certainly a bail out from making himself look unprepared or not focused in the game, but his denial actually backfires and creates an even bigger backlash, making fans that much angrier that he couldn't own up to a play which potentially costed the team a lead in this NBA Finals.

"It doesn't make sense to go review something if the review is if he's on the line or if he's close to the charge circle, that's the review".

Oh, J.R. You poor, shirtless, fool.

Golden State enforcer Draymond Green sledged Smith for his unbelievable error.

"I guess the rule is you can review, you can review the call if it's inside or outside the restricted [area], that's the rule I know", Lue told the media after the 124-114 loss. "We have history with these guys and it started in game one", said Tristan Thompson.

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