Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
Worldwide | By Angelina Lucas

Political bias did not affect Clinton probe, watchdog report finds

Political bias did not affect Clinton probe, watchdog report finds

On Thursday, the Justice Department's inspector general released a lengthy report that rebuked former FBI Director James Comey for deviating from departmental procedures during his probe into Clinton's use of a private server for emails.

Five officials were identified in the report, which had some connection to the email probe whose political bias was a "discredit to themselves, sowed doubt about the FBI's handling of the midyear investigation, and impacted the reputation of the FBI".

One example cited in the new report is an email exchange between Strzok and Page on August 8, 2016.

Strzok responds, "No. No he won't".

Strzok tried to explain to investigators that his message to Page "was meant to reassure Page that Trump would not be elected, not to suggest that he would do something to impact the investigation".

"Tomorrow, Mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate these people like Strzok", Giuliani said. Mueller promptly removed Strzok from his staff. Page left Mueller's staff before the texts became public.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz' report found no "documentary or testimonial evidence" that the lovebirds' political bias had directly affected their work, but conceded that "the conduct by these employees cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation".

But he hammered former FBI Director James Comey for taking it upon himself to break department policy, often without the knowledge of senior Justice Department officials - conduct that Horowitz condemned as "insubordinate" and "extraordinary".

First, he revealed in July that Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted for her "extremely careless" handling of classified government data on personal, private email servers during her tenure as secretary of state. Typically, the FBI's role would be limited to referring its findings to the attorney general. Only the attorney general has the authority to decline or move forward with the prosecution of alleged criminality.

In this instance, Comey said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation found Clinton and her aides to be "extremely careless" in handling classified material but "no reasonable prosecutor" could have brought a case against her.

Trump vows to have fair trade relations with other countries
John McCain and ex-FBI director James Comey - who Trump unceremoniously fired a year ago - took to Twitter to offer their support. Trump said on Twitter that he would not sign the communique, calling Trudeau "very dishonest & weak" for his trade criticism.

"We're going to learn those lessons", including "the importance of trying to make sure that we avoid even the appearance of bias in all of our work", Wray vowed.

Some poetic justice was also served in the watchdog's findings. Many think-and for good reason-that Comey's action breathed last-minute new life into Donald Trump's unlikely bid for the presidency.

Comey told "CBS This Morning" on May 4, 2018, he faced an impossible choice after new Clinton emails were discovered on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner.

It wasn't only Comey that used a personal email account.

Lynch had announced that she would go along with whatever Comey recommended with regard to the Clinton case, although she didn't formally recuse herself. The investigatory conclusions were reached before the end of the witness interviews....

How will President Trump react? The Republican National Committee previewed its response Wednesday, issuing a press release with these headlines: "Lyin' Comey Is About To Sink Even Lower".

The inspector general's detailed report is set to be released later in the day.

When you add these problems to the fact fired FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe is under investigation for allegedly lying to investigators about his contacts with the press in 2017 - a crime - and Horowitz's blistering assessment of James Comey's handling of the Clinton investigation and the dozens of leaks to the press and the apparent conflicts of interest throughout the Russian Federation and Clinton investigations and the numerous biased comments by Strzok and Page, it's clear the leadership at the Department of Justice has, for at least several years, been totally out of control.

The report said Comey harmed the law enforcement agencies' image of impartiality, according to Bloomberg News, which obtained a copy of the report's conclusions.

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