Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Money | By Arnold Ball

Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk company unveils single-seat flying vehicle

Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk company unveils single-seat flying vehicle

There is no official announcement regarding the price of the Kitty Hawk Flyer.

He remains chief executive of Google-parent Alphabet but the Kitty Hawk project is a personal pursuit, not part of the tech giant´s operations.

Google (GOOGL) co-founder Larry Page is showcasing his flying auto company's latest model, the Flyer.

Kitty Hawk, funded by Page, unveiled a "Flyer" model it described as "an exciting first step to sharing the freedom of flight".

This test was a clear demonstration of how easy it would it be to fly a vehicle after a commercial model hits the market.

The Flyer is only meant to be used to fly over water at heights between 3 and 10 feet (1 to 3 meters). The company also seems to be suggesting it'll make flights available as a leisure experience, which strikes us as a great solution, particularly if the guys in charge quietly keep a remote control on hand in case a pilot gets out of their depth.

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According to CNN, Kitty Hawk tried out various methods for controlling the craft, including a steering wheel, video game controllers, and boat throttles but found that a joystick was the most comfortable to use. "That's why opened this training facility in Lake Las Vegas - we're here to learn from you, to see your reaction".

"Our immediate priority is to invite small groups of people - customers, influencers, media and community members - to experience the freedom of flight here in our newly opened training facility". It recently completed a test flight and a CNN reporter was the one to do it. The aircraft will first run at 20 miles an hour and can climb to 10 feet into the air, the report added.

Several other flying vehicle models are also being tested, with Uber and other companies expressing interest, according to the report.

At 15m away, Kitty Hawk said it sounded about as loud as a lawnmower, while from 75m away, the volume was like a loud conversation.

I wonder just how many people will buy the Flyer.

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