Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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United States China-ZTE story

United States China-ZTE story

It is perhaps notable that, although the sanctions were imposed by Steve Mnuchin's Treasury, Trump instructed Ross's Commerce Department to resolve them.

Alex Wong, deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asia, told a Senate hearing on Tuesday that the president issued guidance to Commerce to review the ZTE sanctions.

"It's part of, again, the United States relationship with China, which is complex".

Taken aback by the rapid retaliation, Trump then threatened further tariffs on another US$100 billion worth of shipments from China.

The company was caught illegally shipping telecommunications gear to Iran and North Korea, making false statements, and obstructing justice.

The ban left ZTE's production in trouble, with the company saying this month that it had stopped its main operations as a result.

The company produces telecommunications equipment that includes mobile phone handsets, servers, switches, routers, and cellular network gear. In addition to sparring with China, his team is in talks to rewrite the North America Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada. The block on ZTE was a heavy blow for the company but also hurt the US companies it buys from.

After weeks of threatening China with punitive restrictions and stiff tariffs, President Donald Trump is now siding with his more moderate economic advisers and looking to strike a deal to avert a trade war. Too many jobs in China lost. Last month, the U.S. Commerce Department banned it from buying U.S. technology or components for seven years after it misled regulators by failing to discipline employees involved in illegal exports and instead paid them bonuses.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said those and other issues remained a "work in progress", but the trade ministers from Canada and Mexico who were in Washington last week stressed they would not be pressured to reach a deal.

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Earlier this month, the United States presented China with a list of demands that tackle allegations of intellectual property theft and other trade policies Washington considers unfair, which had sparked the initial "trade war" concerns as the two countries were imposing tens of billions of dollars in tariffs on each other.

Trump appears willing to negotiate, and just over the weekend announced his intention to help Chinese electronics maker ZTE, which was on the brink of collapse after USA imposed penalties on it last month for breaking sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

The official described a possible deal with ZTE as a "confidence building measure", leading up to broader deal with China.

National Security Agency documents disclosed several years ago by renegade contractor Edward Snowden disclosed that the agency has succeeded in penetrating Chinese telecommunications equipment and used the gear for electronic spying around the world. Officials from Beijing are expected to arrive in D.C. armed with a list of items they will offer to import from the meet that goal, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The pre-installed software was discovered on Android phones and was produced by Shanghai Adups Technology Co. and deployed on more than 700 million phones, cars, and other smart devices. "The gap is wide", he said during a speech at the National Press Club.

The move to ease the sanctions sparked criticism from both Republicans and Democrats who said the leniency is undercutting Trump's get-tough approach to unfair trading practices by China and its theft of American technology.

As part of this, they also entered into an agreement with the USA government.

"Our position has been that's an enforcement action, separate from trade", Ross said, referring to ZTE.

The United States has proposed imposing tariffs on up to $150 billion in Chinese products to punish Beijing for forcing American companies to hand over technology in exchange for access to the Chinese markets.

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