Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Technology | By Nina Perez

Lenovo could beat Apple and Samsung to the first all-screen phone

Lenovo could beat Apple and Samsung to the first all-screen phone

In other words, the handset might not have buttons, physical or otherwise, or a notch for the camera.

Over the weekend, Chinese phone maker Lenovo teased an upcoming smartphone that eschews the ubiquitous iPhone X notch in favour of a design that's nothing but screen and an ultra-thin bezel.

A Lenovo exec shared this sketch of the Lenovo Z5. He previously said that the Z5 will introduce four technological breakthroughs and will feature 18 patented technologies. Bezel-less phones are essentially those with higher screen-to-body ratio, giving the display more real estate on the front.

We don't have any type of release date for the Lenovo Z5 yet, but we'll let you know when we know more.

It remains unknown, however, the location of the front-facing camera. There could also be an in-glass fingerprint reader but since the back of the phone has not been shown by Lenovo, a rear-facing fingerprint reader might also be present.

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Lenovo has been working on a smartphone with full-bezel screen and a small body ratio.

A lot of them are equipped with monobromo and wide enough bezel below the screen related to the characteristics of the displays. After all, bezels are useful for having somewhere to hold the phone without covering the screen.

Credit: WeiboLike the iPhone X, the Z5 (in these concept images, anyway), has a display that adheres to the contours of the device's face.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed as of now and the only evidence that the phone even exists is the sketch that Cheng shared. The Lenovo Z5 will probably include at least 6GB of RAM on the inside, though its display size and resolution are a complete mystery at the moment.

Z5 will be Lenovo's latest premium smartphone and the company has been actively promoting it in the run-up to the launch.

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