Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
Culture | By Jeremy Gray

Here's why you're hearing "Yanny" - and why it's technically "Laurel"

Here's why you're hearing

This apparently obvious question practically tore the internet apart with everyone divided on what the correct answer should be. Huffington Post got to the bottom of things in the Yanny or Laurel debate. On Tuesday, popular YouTuber and social media influencer, Cloe Feldman posted a story on her Instagram, which she later posted on Twitter as well, "What do you hear?" "I clicked the audio button to tell me a word to spell and I hear "Yanny" and I was like, this isn't one of my vocabulary words".

And then, people can't decide if it's joker or youghurt. Flowery Branch High School freshman Katie Hetzel said she played the pronunciation clip of the word "laurel" on while studying for a literature class, though she heard "yanny" instead of "laurel".

Why isn't everyone hearing the same word? Says yanny and laurel at the same time. "I thought these days were gone". "Depends on what you focus on more".

Meanwhile, some people are coming up with a possible explanation of why someone hears a particular word.

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The audio has taken the internet by storm, splitting the people into two as some hear Yanny while others Laurel.

Forget your theories people, this isn't Westworld.

Last Friday, Georgia high school student, Katie Hetzel was studying the word "laurel" for her literature class and made a decision to look it up on

We want to know what your hear.

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