Published: Wed, May 30, 2018
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Giuliani admits he’s anxious about Mueller’s obstruction of justice case against Trump

Giuliani admits he’s anxious about Mueller’s obstruction of justice case against Trump

"On January 5th, the president, Biden, Yates, Rice, they were discussing exactly what we're finding out now and they were trying to figure out a way to explain it because they knew since Hillary didn't win, now it was going to come out and they needed a story", he explained to Carlson.

"I'm positive that they shared it with the President". "Everything wrong with the government spying on a candidate of the opposition party".

You go out to the outer orbit [of the campaign], how do I know what is going on? The former NY mayor has counseled the president against agreeing to be interviewed, citing rulings by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel in the Nixon and Clinton presidencies that the Constitution prohibits subpoenaing a sitting president.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Giuliani initially said there was no collusion when he was asked why Trump repeatedly cited WikiLeaks and emails allegedly stolen by Russian Federation to turn the polls in favor of then-candidate Trump.

Giuliani first denied that Spygate is a strategy meant to discredit Mueller's investigation, but then did agree with Bash's assertion that the tactic has "helped erode public confidence" in the investigation.

After the briefing, both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, (R-KY), and House Intelligence Ranking Member Adam Schiff, (D-CA), said that they were unmoved in their positions on the special counsel investigation into 2016 Presidential election and the ensuing Inspector General's investigation into the FBI's surveillance abuses under the disgraced, sacked former Director, James Comey, not surprised owing to their left over elite status in the Congress.

Donald Trump's regular attacks on the US Justice Department, including accusations that the FBI spied on his campaign, strike some critics as "boiling the frog" - seeing how far he can push his fight against a federal investigation ensnaring his administration.

Sickening ‘Active Shooter’ game outrages Parkland high school parents
Acid said they would likely remove the shooter's role in the game if Valve won't let the game be published as is. A spokesperson for Infer Trust, an organization against gun violence, told BBC the game is in poor taste.

When Bash pointed out the investigation had already brought charges against 22 people and items, including 13 indictments of Russians, Giuliani walked back his his description to say he didn't think Mueller is illegitimate, but the "basis on which he was appointed was illegitimate".

The Trump administration, however, has long maintained that the Mueller probe is no more than a "witch hunt".

The odd tweet, written by the president on Sunday, is something of a change of tack from recent messages slamming the probe, which have largely taken aim at Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Whether Trump will agree to be interviewed remains uncertain. "It is for public opinion, because eventually, the decision here is gonna be, impeach or not impeach".

"He is adamant in wanting to do it, but we're more convinced as we see it that this is a rigged investigation", Mr. Giuliani said.

Clapper was in the CNN studio during Giuliani's interview, and responded with a joke that getting called a "clown" wasn't as bad as some of Trump's insults of him.

"I haven't seen any yet but maybe there is, and if it's there, we'll find it and we want to know about it", said Mr. Rubio, Florida Republican. Earlier in the interview, he said that he and the other members of Trump's legal team (who don't appear on television every day) have concluded that the investigation is "rigged".

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